We have teamed up with Club Together Now so you can now collect free donations for Unsworth CC every time you shop online.

We have our own cricket club fundraising page on Club Together Now's website and every time you shop at some of the biggest online stores, we receive a donation which could be up to £40!

There are over 100 online stores listed on the page, including: Amazon, eBay, ASOS, Trainline, Ticketmaster, Confused.com and many more. It won't cost you or the cricket club a penny and could help us raise several hundred pounds a year!


It’s easy to do and you don’t even need to create an account:

1. Go to https://clubtogethernow.com/sports-clubs/unsworth-cricket-club/

2. Every time you shop online, click the retailer you want on this page and start shopping.

3. After your purchase is complete, the retailer will make a donation to Unsworth CC at no extra cost to you whatsoever!


It's as simple as that, your donation should show up at the top of our Club Together Now page within 48 hours!

Thank you for your support!

COVID-19 is developing worldwide, and uncertainty continues to rise.  Following the government advice to avoid public gatherings and adopt social distancing measures, we have taken the decision to close the club until 19th May 2020. 

The committee will continue to monitor the situation and heed any advice given by the government. Clearly this may mean keeping the club closed for a longer period. We will keep you informed via the website, email, Twitter and Facebook.

As a result, the Annual General Meeting, normally held in April, will be postponed and re-arranged as soon as we know when the club can be re-opened. Similarly, membership renewals, due in April, will be reassessed when we return. 

Thank you for your continued support of the club.  We hope to see you all again soon. Please stay safe and look after each other!